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John 14:-6

 Noahs animals

Jesus Saves


Here is an EXCELLENT mission to Haiti
They get houses built and people self-sustaining
They also have an excellent Health Clinic that is making a big difference in peoples lives.
Go here Partners In Development, Inc. or PID for short.

With the numerous earth quakes, tornadoes, hurricanes as well as the constant threat of terrorism
it very well can be that today may be your last day on this earth.
Please turn your heart towards our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Through Him, all things are possible.

Links to our Church and other local stuff

Pastor Holwicks Sermon Page - Ledgewood Baptist Church

Ledgewood Baptist Church

Camp Lebanon> - A Great summer Camp for kids as well as a Retreat Center for Adults

Star 99.1 wawz - Our Local Christian radio.

Our home school page

Some of my favorite Christian Bands and other Music sites

Family Force 5


Toby Mac


Casting Crowns

Hawk Nelson

Third Day


Audio Adrenaline

Creationfest - Christian Musics Answer to Woodstock GO THERE !

Here are some pics I took from Creationfest 2001.

Some useful links for all
The BibleBible The only self help book you'll ever need.

Daily Devotions Read the word every day. It's good for you.

Veggie Tales Larry Boy even if you don't like fruits and vegatables, you'll love Veggie tails.

Billy Graham Do you really need a description ?

Focus on the Family Dr. James Dobson fights for family values. Wont you join him?

Crown Financial Ministries Good, sound financial advice and products.

Net Ministries Excellent site with an extensive list of Churches, Great kids page also.

Evolution or Creation ?
Here are some links that try to explain Creation scientifically. My personal belief is that you can not explain an Omnipotent God with a creation of man.

Your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God. - 1 Cor. 2:5

Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose, Texas. Director, Carl Baugh,Ph.D.

Creation Science Web Ring A list of 40 or so Web pages dealing with Creation

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