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Why do we Home School?
For all of the socialization opportunities of course.

The time has come, and the decision has been made. Our daughter will be moving on to a "formal" school.
Honestly the time is right for this and we are not just sending her off to the local public schools, nor will she be going to a private school.

After a long search I found a Charter School in our county that fit both her interests and learning style. We feel that we are actually holding her back at this point and the Sussex County Charter School is the perfect fit for all of us. We continue to HS our son until that same day comes for him. And I will continue to include some of our comments and experiences so far.

A quick update, our daughter finished 3rd in her class in high school and is now away at college studying Architecture. Our son is now a Junior in high school and doing quite well.

Some of Our Curriculum

Five in a Row : Literature based unit study for ages 2 - 12.
We used this as a summer program and really enjoyed it.

Alpha Omega Publications. Complete home school curriculum.
We are using this for literature, phonics, reading and math and are doing quite well with it.

A Beka Books "The largest Christian textbook publisher in the world".

Christian Liberty Press God's Creation Series for science.

The Teaching Home

Other Curriculum Sources
That we are familiar with.

Bob Jones University Press Pre-K thru 12 Christian curriculum publisher

Konos Curriculum Biblically based unit studies.

Sonlight Curriculum Pre-K thru 12. Complete packages or pick and choose.

Other Useful Sources
this is turning into more of a links page than I first expected.

The Homeschool Student's Guide To College (sent to me by Caroline :) )

Home School Legal Defense Association The name says it all.

Free Homeschooling Resources As suggested by Mary.

Home School World The official web site of Practical Homeschooling Magazine Huge resource for HomeSchoolers. homeschooling

Home Education Magazine. Homeschooling

HomeSchool Talk and Swap

HomeSchool Classified's

HomeSchool Central

HomeSchool Information

HomeSchool Used Books and Curriculum Exchange

Home Schoolers Personal Web Pages
Most are far better than this one.

Jon's Homeschool Resource Page

Gibbons Family Home schooling

HomeSchool Oasis

Any questions or comments e-mail me here.