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Pictures of some of the carvings that we have done.   

Most are made out of basswood although some are from Cottonwood bark or Butternut.

Here are some of my carvings

gnome home

Gnome Home made from cottonwood bark

gnome home

Back view of the Gnome Home from above.

santa ornaments

Santa ornaments

santa ornament

Another style of Santa ornament

Angel ornament

Angel ornament

hound dog

Hound dog

hound dog

Another view of the hound dog


Angel on a stand

mountain dog

Mountain dog - this one is still in progress.

noahs ark

Noah's Arc ornament

angel ornament

Another style of Angel ornament

santa ornament

Chile pepper Santa ornament


Santa stands about 8 inches tall


Santa also stands about 8 inches tall made of basswood.

mountain man

Mountain man, my very first carving.


Hound dog named Beuford


Stylized Fox made from butternut

carousel horse

Carousel horse

carousel horse

Another Carousel horse


Angel stands about 10 inches tall made from butternut.


Santa the night after.

These are my son's carvings

gnome home

Gnome home made from Cottonwood bark.

gnome home

Back view of the Gnome Home.

gnome home close up

Close up of Gnome home.


Toothpick holder boot


Toothpick holder boot


Pair of toothpick holder boots


Aligator on a plaque.

cheshire dog

The Cheshire dog

pepe lePew

Pepe LePew

Pepe in progress

small bear

Small bear

honey bear

Honey Bear in a tree

blue jeans bear

Bear in blue jeans

peg leg

Peg leg mountain man


Not sure who or what


Leprechaun (about 2 inches tall)

uncle sam

Uncle Sam

sam and leprechaun

Uncle Sam and Leprechaun

tall hat tomte

Tall Hat Tomte


Gnomes on a plaque.