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Wood Carving

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Or what I like to call just whittlen around.

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I truley enjoy watching, riding and studying antique carousels. The craftsmanship of the early carousel carvers is really something to behold. Next time your near an antique carousel take the time to really look at them. Below there are several links to my favorite carousel sites.

I carve (or whittle depending upon your definition) to relax and I mostly give my carvings away to friends and family but I did manage to keep a few for myself and I have several pictures of them here . They are not all that good (IMHO) but like I said before I do this to relax.

I now have another reason to whittle, my old son has taken an interest in carving. I just got him his own knife and we are working together making a mess.

Photos of my and my son's carvings

Check out and follow my Working Miniature Carousel that I have been working on.

Carving videos that I have started to collect on-line
These are aimed toward the beginner, but even experienced carvers can always learn something.

Wood carving links
A list of wood carving related sites worth taking a look at.

Carousel sites.

American Caousel Society

Herschell Carousel Factory Museum

Knoebels An awsome amusement park
that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.
Go there and have fun !

Carousel List Why duplicate when you can point?
Go here for a list of links to Operating Carousels.

Here are some links to great woodcarving sites.

Caricature Carvers of America

Chip chats This is an awsome bi-monthly magazine that every carver should get !

jersey hills wood carvers banner
Jersey Hills Woodcarvers
Wood Carving club in NW New Jersey

chip chats banner

Wood carving links
A list of wood carving sites worth taking a look at.

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