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I have started to clutter the main carving page with too many links, so I have created a links page for them. I will still feature my favorites on the main page but here I hope to catagorize them for easy lookup.   

If you are a wood carver or run a wood carving related site and want to see you link listed here please contact me here with your link information.

Carving catagories to jump to:

Carvers | Supplies | Schools | Clubs | Carousels | Magazines | Miscellaneous

Knoebels Amusement Park Fan Site

You can purchase some of my carvings here.

Wood carving schools

American Woodcarving School This is a wonderful school located in Wayne, NJ

Carousel related

American Carousel Society

Herschell Carousel Factory Museum

Knoebels An awsome amusement park that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Go there and have fun !

Carousel List Why duplicate when you can point ? Go here for a list of links to Operating Carousels.

Wood carvers

Russell Scott, woodcarving/sculpture artist

Stoplight Greenhouse and Carving

Pete LeClair - Caricature Carver, Get your free pattern monthly.

Dennis Thornton - Caricature Carver

Floyd Rhadigan - Caricature Carver

Caricature Carvers of America

Wood carving magazines

chip chats banner
Chip chats
This is an awsome bi-monthly magazine that every carver should get !

Wood Carving Illustrated - A quarterly instructional magazine.

Carving magazine

Wood carving clubs

Jersey Hills Woodcarvers
Wood Carving club in NW New Jersey

Clubs listed with WoodCarving Illustrated

Clubs listed with Carving Magazine

South Jersey Woodcarvers

Wood carving supplies

Disclaimer: I have not ordered anything from most of these sites. They are here for your information and you should take the proper precaution when ordering anything on-line.

The American Woodcarvers Emporium.

PeachTree Woodworking Supply Inc.

Christian J. Hummul Co.
I purchased my wood burner from these guys, very nice and very fast(and reasonable)shipping

Be so good wood

Aldenville Log and Lumber

blanks, tools, how to's and carving instruction

Miscellaneous wood and wood carving

Chainsaw Sculpting / Carving
New site looking to be a Chainsaw Carving Resourse

Woodworking Jobs Around the House
Great woodworking tips and some fun projects for around the house, recomended to me by Aubrey.

Home Improvement Projects With Woodworking
Recomended by the kids in the Technology Club at Lexington Middle School in Kentucky- Thanks!

Woodworking Resources - For the Beginning Builder Recommended by the Girl Scouts from Devner Co. I hope you had a great time getting your "wild about wood" badge !

Creating Furniture and More: A Guide to Woodcarving
As recommended by Mrs. Millers class from the Valley Charter School.

Fine Woodcarving Web Ring The list of lists for woodcarving sites.

Carpentry & Joinery Glossary A-Z A glossary of commonly used Carpentry & Joinery terms.

Wood Durability GuideTimber Durability to help you choose the best timber.

Photos of my and my son's carvings

Here are some pictures of the miniature carousel I have been working on.

Carving videos that I have started to collect on-line
These are aimed toward the beginner, but even experienced carvers can always learn something.