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Minniature Carousel Build

A number of years ago I had the idea to build a miniature carousel, not just any carousel but a replica of one that was in Bertrands Island an amusement park on Lake Hopatcong. This quickly became way too much to do for a first time build so I have toned it down a bit and will be making a much more smaller and much more generic carousel, all the while learning and perfecting the build for the ultimate goal of re-creating the Illions' Monarch II Supreme carousel from Bertrand Island.

carousel 1

Here is the center pole and drive mechanism, of which I have redesigned from the original somewhat by using a different motor.

carousel 2

The all important carousel decking, each section was scratch built using bass wood planking and hobby plywood.

carousel 3

The sweeps, this is what the decking hangs off of and also is the base for the cranking rods. It is also a combination of bass and ply wood.

carousel 4

The deck with hangers, the hangers are made from 3/16 brass rods that I hand threaded using a die tool.

carousel 5

All put together.
This was how I left it for many years due to other obligations and family stuff.

Miniature carousel

And here it is now. Different work bench, more time and a new plan.

Maker Select 3d Printer

A new tool in the workshop is this Monoprice Maker Select 3D printer.

3d printed parts

Which has already proved its worth. I designed and printed the crank and crank guides/blocks. I plan on using this for a lot of the decorative parts on the rounding boards


Here is a brief look at it in action.