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NILIF [nothing in life is free]
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Leerburgs Ground Work
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mydoggy My Doggy Gift Bags
How Could You? - the essay
How Could You? - the web page
PuppyTails - A 4H Seeing Eye Puppy Club

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Premier Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness Red, Large gentle leader Premier Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness Red, Large Gentle Harness
This is one product that I can not express enough about how it has changed our dogs walking habits. She went from breaking normal choker chains
to us having to check if she is still on the end of the leash.

This is a wonderful product and HIGHLY recomend it to anyone!!!

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Vetstreet News
News Feeds from Vetstreet

Dr. Becker?s Best: Top Picks From Global Pet Expo 2012
Vetstreet's Dr. Marty Becker chooses 10 products showcased at Global Pet Expo 2012 for his Dr. Becker?s Best list, including his Best In Show pick.
How Veterinarians Solve the Mystery of the "Ain't Doing Right" Pet
How does your vet figure out what's wrong with your pet? He listens -- to you, to the vet techs, to your pet.
Pet Food Labels Hard to Decipher
Ever wonder what "natural" and "organic" mean on your pet's food labels? Not what you might think.
Why "Purse" Dogs Carry a Host of Health Issues
Tiny dogs that fit in your purse are popular, but small breeds can pose big health problems. Dr. Marty Becker explains why and what you can do.
Everything You Need to Know About Fall Dog Shedding
Why dogs shed, how you can keep shedding to a minimum, and the tell-tale signs your dog might have a health problem.

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