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My Dodge Neon in Autocross Trim   


Whats been modified

I have begun the move to the STS class of SCCA's Solo II. These rules allow for some modifications.

I have replaced the struts with new KYB GR2's

Which are really direct replacements of the stock strut but they had 78K on them.

A home made CAI that you can check out here

I have replaced the 16mm rear sway bar with a Mopar Performance 22mm.

Falken Azenis tires 205/50 on steel 15" rims.

Moved the Battery to the trunk, this made a bunch of room for a homemade CAI that I have yet to make.

Mopar High Rate springs finally installed and they make quite a difference.

The Prothane bushings have finally made it on to the car (Thankyou Sam!!). They took all of the harshness out of the suspension but it still has a very firm feel to it. Plus all of the wheel shake is GONE!!!!

Mobil 1 synthetic oil.

Latest Update

Some maintenance items were done this year, Timeing belt, water pump, idler pully as well as the tensioner and tensioner pully. All thanks to Sams Automotive Repair, Ridgedale Ave Morristown, NJ

How-To on Replacing Struts and Rear Sway Bar Here

Or How I spent one Saturday afternoon.

Installed motor mounts, sway bar brackets and an aluminum air dam all courtesy of Deyeme Racing

Seat time, seat time, seat time.

Evolution AutoCross School
The best mod you can make is to the driver !!!

Well the Neon has been sold,
kinda sad but on to new adventures !

My New Projects !

Here is my Solo Vee Project
and my1980 Chevy Camaro

Be Sure to check it out.

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Howell Automotive

Modern Performance

Neon Cars

Forward Motion inc.

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