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1980 Chevy Camaro - Build page for our new project

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So, what is a Solo Vee?

As per the SCCA. A Solo Vee is based upon the road racing Formula Vee, but the solo vee is allowed additional modifications. Some of these are using up to a 1915cc engine instead of a 1200cc engine. Much wider tires, Lower weight, and some other engine modifications.

In these pages I will try to document the build up from an old road racer to a Solo Vee. If you happen to know anything about this car, the Tinman, Please e-mail me

Also, check out my Photo Albums of Vee's running in the late 70's. Photo Album

Here is my new favorite place to hang out in cyberspace.
The Formula Vee Interchange
The place to be on the web for FV and SoloV drivers.

Here is what I am starting with. It is a 1977 TinMan, a one off creation built by Jim Fleishman. It was being stored in a barn for quite a few years and it shows. It currently has a 1600cc engine but thats about it, the rest is up to me.
The first step will to de-grease and powerwash it.

1980's formula vee rear suspension 1980's formula vee

The tear down begins.

solo vee chassis

Progress takes place with the frame stripped and primed

formula vee chassis under restoration

The two braces from the roll hoop down will be cut out and replaced with a wider version to fit my shoulders.
Since I had some time I had installed the engine/tranny back on the car to see if I could get the rollhoop braces to go towards the back. And in fact ther is a way, but the more I looked at it the more weight I saw being added to the frame, so I scrapped that idea and will go with my original thought and have the forward braces widened.

Found these photo's from late 1977 and July of 1982 of the car running at LimeRock.
I have a few more and will post them soon.

formula vee 1977
formula vee
lime rock late 70's

The bending/welding will be done in early February, in the mean time I have orderd rebuild kits for the Girling master cylinder's from Pegasus Racing as well as obtained some sheet stock to build the firewall and extend the belly pan. As well as cleaning and painting the various bits that will go back onto the car.

Rebuilt the Master Cylinders this past weekend

More to follow as the project progresses.