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1980 Chevy Camaro - Build page for our new project

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BBsgarage Solo Vee Build Continued
page 2

The frame is back from he chassis/welder guy and I couldnt be happier.
Thanks to Pete at Midnight Auto (973)383-8859 for his suggestions and awesome work. I'll be going back for some rear bracing work and some other things when I have the project further along.

chassis re-design front end welded gusset nice welds

Belly pan extended

added pan

Orange ya glad the frame is all painted?

painted chassis additional painted chassis

Some more progress, firewall, pedals, master cylinders installed.
This picture also shows the color more accurately.

chassis from front

Front beam and steering box are in place, front brakes are being re-built.

front beam installed

Body panels are now being modifid to fit the frame. With the new support bar going down the entire length of the car I have to make some adjustments to the body. Lucky for me they are pertty minor. Front brakes are done as well.

re-working bodywork changing the body panels prepping for paint

Fuel cell is installed.

fuel cell installed