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1980 Chevy Camaro Berlinetta

Page Two

Details, details, details

This is what the outside window weather stripping looked like on both side so it had to go.
1980 Camaro window weather strip
So after getting the necessary tools to remove the door panel this is what the door looks like.

1980 Camaro door panel removed 1980 Camaro window interference with the weather stipping

As you can see in the picture on the right the window is in the way of removing weather stripping. After a minor panic attack I went to Nasty Z28 forums and found that you can just loosen the lower window stop to roll the window down further and out of the way.

Next to replace was the hood insulation. It was all falling apart and hanging so off it went. Here are the before and afters.

1980 Camaro under hood no insulation 1980 Camaro under hood with new insulation

While the door panel was off on the drivers side I also had to replace the door handle cause this is what the one on the car looked like.

1980 Camaro broken door handleInstalling this is possible with the window installed. But you need to raise and lower the window several times, and you need to sit down on the ground with your arm up in the door. Its a greesey messy job because of the greese on the window track. So be prepared. Oh and having a fairly skinny arm help too.

1st Car Show

1980 Camaro broken door handle In prepairing for our first Car Cruise at the Morris County 4H Fair. We had our nephew clean up the engine and he really did a nice job.

Here are a few pictures at the show. Where we actually won a 3rd place trophey for peoples choice. Not the most prestegious award but it was fun! Oh that red Corvette next to us won 1st.

1980 Camaro under hood no insulation 1980 Camaro under hood with new insulation

While my wife did like the rims on the car, they were somewhat old and slightly pitted, but worse of all they had the wrong backspacing. This caused the rear tires to hit the inner lip of the wheel well. It was beginning to shred the tires so they had to go. Ourchased from SD Wheel Corp.

Here Are the original rims.

               original rims on camaro another view of the original rims

And here are the new rims.

               new rims on the camaro another view of the new rims on the camaro

camaro with new rims new rim on the camaro

The new rims are 15x8 with a 4.5 inch backspace. And they fit nicely inside the wheel well.

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