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Our Adventures

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2005 trips that we took  

2005 was another slow year for us. I was unemployed for a good part of the year
so that took a big bite out of our travel plans.

Stokes State Forset Camping Resort, Branchville, NJ. We went over the Memorial day weekend from Thursday to Monday along with some friends who rented a cabin. We had a thunderstorm come thru on Friday evening right around dinner time and it rained again on Saturday evening. In spit eof the rain it was a great time to just get away. We did alot of biking and hiking along the many trails that Stokes has to offer, including a part of the Appalachian Trail. There are no hookups there so we went dry camping for the first time in a while. The restrooms/showers are clean and have warm water. Although they were a bit far from the camping area we wre in. There was a pit type latrine in the camping area but it was rather smelly. Check out a few pics from the trip here
Knoebels Campground/Amusement park, Elysburg, PA.We'll be here twice this year
Be sure to check out the Covered Bridge Festival In October