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Our Adventures

Hound dog carving
Meet Buford, the virtual camping coon hound.

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Our old Dutchman pop up camper  

dutchman floorplan

dutchman popup

Here we are set up at Beachcombers in Cape May, NJ

I have heard some real horror stories regarding the Dutchmen brand (after we bought it of course) but I am happy to say that after 2 seasons we have not experienced any of them.
It has served us well.

Things to do this year

is replace/rebuild the wheel well that we lost on one of our trips last year. I'm pretty sure I will be constructing one out of fibreglass, because Thor has not returned any of my inquiries on getting a new one. I'll update the page with the particulars when I get to this.

The one repair that I have had to do was to the floor. It had gotten very weak right at the entrance. With a little maintenance and repair the floor would be fine. There was no sign of the wood rotting so I cut a piece of ply-wood to fit between the floor supports and attached it using construction adhesive. I the cut down a 2 pieces of 2x4 so it will fit snugly inside the C-channel floor supports. I used the same adhesive on these as well. This made the area much stronger and should hold up to the weather for quite some time.

Replaced the bearings

. Got all of the parts I needed from my local auto parts store and the whole job took no more than an hour. This is a very simple but messy job.

Reflective bunk end covers

This truly helps keep the heat out of your camper. There are several ways to do this including using reflectix , mylar emergency blankets, silver uv tarps, or what I did sportsman blankets. Check out Pop Up Camping in North Carolina for a test he did and the difference it makes. The mylar emergency blankets are the cheapest at about $2 each and the reflectix the most expensive at $40-$50. With the tarp and sportsmen blanket somewhere in between.
Another option is to get custom bunk end covers from Popup Gizmos

Stick on levels.

Made sure the camper was level using a carpenters level and then stuck them on.

Brakes !!

I have added brakes to our Pop-Up. Go to adding brakes to a pop up To see how I did it.

Bike rack anybody?

Using The Bike Rack plans from here and some insparation
from these bike rack plans as well as these bike rack plans.
I came up with the following. Check out my bike rack plans here.