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How To Add Electric Brakes To Your Pop-Up Trailer  

After having to make a panic stop to avoid hitting a train, I decided that putting brakes on the PU would be a really good idea.

If you can re-pack the bearings, you can add breaks to your PU.

I ordered the brakes from Dexter Axle.
You could also check Northern Tool.
Or you can go to your local trailer shop.
Just be sure to get the proper sized bearings for your axle.
And you should also be sure to get the same bolt pattern and be sure that the
rim will fit over the size brakes that you need for your trailer.

First check to see if you have all the parts that you will need.
When I received the brakes, one of the seals was mangled.
One call to Dexter and they mailed a new one right away.
Also there were no washers or lock washers included with the kit
I just picked some up at the local hardwre store.

On the left we have the tire and rim (it had just rained so things were wet and dirty).
On the right with the tire removed is the hub.
This will be replaced with the new assembly.

Here the hub has been removed.
This is the flange that you need to have in order to add brakes.
If you do not have it, you will have to get one and it usually costs less to
replace the entire axle. Just get one that already has the brakes.

Here is the brake assembly bolted to the flange.
The assemblies are marked rght and left, be sure to put them on correctly

Here is the hub installed.
You need to grease the bearings and install them including the seals.
This is no different then re-packing the bearings. Tighten down on the castle nut
until the hub does not turn, then back it off until the hub starts to turn.
Then put the dust cap on, this was the most difficult part for me.

Now to wire them up.