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Our Adventures

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2017 trips that we took  

2017 will be a fresh start to many camping trips to come.

After a log hiatus of camping only once a year, for a number of reasons, we have finally started to get back to camping several times a year. Our new T@G Max XL teardrop camper will certainly make things easier to do so.

Knoebels Amusement Park , Elysburg, PA. was the maiden voyage for the new T@G Max Xl and was a last minute decision to get away for a weekend and Knoebels was chosen as the perfect place to go. It wouldn't matter much if we forgot something, which we did, and although the campground is very busy, we still were able to relax and enjoy the weekend.
It rained over night and the camper performed as expected, which was flawlessly.

T@G Max XL set up at Knoebels

Cherry Ridge Campsites 147 Camp Road Honesdale, PA 18431 570-488-6654.

We were there for our friends Line Dancing weekend, even though we dont dance. Check them out at Cowboys and Sweethearts. Great weekend even though it rained in the evenings.

cherry ridge T@G setup cherry ridge dance sign cherry ridge eagle carving cherry ridge flag pole

The lake is incredibly clear and great for swimming and kyacking, rental boats are avaiable as well.
cherry ridge kyacking on the lake cherry ridge campground
Cherry Ridge Campsites 147 Camp Road Honesdale, PA 18431 570-488-6654
We went back to Cherry Ridge for the Northeast Woodcarvers Roundup.
Spent 4 days with some of the best people on the planet! and had "the best" site in the campground right on the edge of the pond.

Cherry Ridge Campground site 110
Back at Knoebels Amusement Park one more time.
This time with the Tear Jerkers Teardrop Campers group.
This was during the Knoebels HallowFun Weekend, which was frighteningly fun.
The weather held out for most of the weekend but Sunday had some nasty storms coming so we packed up and bugged out very late Saturday night. Had a great time non the less.

Knoebels Campsite T20 HallowFun Weekend

Had fun dressing up the camper too !