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Our Adventures

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2007 trips that we took  

2007 was a slow year for us, we purchase the Coachman RV
and spent some time going over that before heading out for the fun.

Granite Hill Camping Resort , Gettysburg, PA. We went over the Memorial day weekend from Friday to Monday. Some friends came by to visit on saturday and some other friends on Sunday. The CG was crowded which was to be expected on memorial Day weekend. Lots of cars driving thru and the area where we camped was very tight with campsites very close to each other. There is an area of the CG that has lots of room between sites. I would recomend getting one of those if you could. The bathhouses were kept pretty clean, the pool was small ond un-supervised which was a problem. It was very crowded and people still insisted on diving into the pool. There is a great mini golf/put-put place on-site at an additional cost, but it is well worth it. Large playground and fields to play. while I was noot overly impressed with this CG it was not the worst I've been to either. The sites were not kept up and could have been cleaned out, the CG overall was not very nice looking, especially for a "resort" type of CG. If we go back to Gettysburg we will most likely try a different CG.
Knoebels Campground/Amusement park, Elysburg, PA.We'll be here twice this year First trip was tent camping with our Churches youth group. It rained Friday night, but stopped in time for us to set up our tent. the rain held off for the remainder of the weekend. It was a great time as usual.
Be sure to check out the Covered Bridge Festival In October