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Our Adventures

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2022 trips that we took  

We started this season once again in Cape May, NJ at Sun Retreats Cape May
Rates were still reasonable being before the season and the campground was mostly empty. Shower and bathrooms were very clean and plenty of room in the shower stalls with plenty of hot water. This is a very large campground with alot of golf carts. Once epople started to show for the Memorial Day weekend it didi start to get a bit roudy with several loud parties going on well into the night. Had a good time overall visiting Cape May, Wildwood boradwalk, Cape May Zoo and dolphin watching.

t@g set up at our site playground near our site

looking down the roud of our site Sun Retreats campground pool

dolphin watching boat ride capybaera at the Cape May Zoo

Second trip this year was an unplanned one, as in we called on Monday and was there Turesday for 3 nights before the July 4th weekend. This was at Otter Lake in Marshals Creek, PA.
For being unplanned this turned out to be a pretty relaxing trip,(this is why you always clean up and repack the camper to have it ready). We did have to move our site for one night, but that is a consequence of making a late resorvation. There is plenty to do every day with activities for all ages, from ceramics, movie nights, bingo, archery and softball. Spent the entire time at the campground either walking around the lake, in the pool, watching a softball game or just hanging at the fire. Bathhouses were clean, quiet time was followed and much fun was had. Just watch out for the roaming peacocks.

t@g set up at our site lake at otter lake campground

benches at otter lake campground Peacock at otter lake

peacock roaming around at otter lake peacock crossing sign at otter lake